How to Eliminate Black Spots on Face

To remove black spots on the face, certainly not easy. But not too hard really. It just takes persistence. And to eliminate black spots on the face aka spotting / black spots, it takes perseverance and patience. Because this is an issue regarding her appearance.

Many black spots on the face caused by acne scars, sun and family Planing (IUD).  Of course the skin will be uneven. There are several ways to remove black spots on the face naturally:

1. Use a face shield with SPF 24 to SPF 30

2. By using the mask yam and potato. You do this by way of smoothing the yam and potatoes, then separating buliran – bulirannya with water. Apply buliran yam and potatoes to the cheek. Think of him as a mask. then drain and rinse with water.

3. Do not use cleansing milk and toner, because it can make the skin dry.

4. Lemon juice can also be used by cutting the lemon in half and then put the oranges into the face of it there are spots. Then rinse with warm water.

5. Often – frequently consumed fruits that contain Vit. High C like oranges and guava.

But if you find it difficult to do all that, we have a solution …



~ by alhumairoh on 07/17/2012.

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